Fees and Funding

Fees & Funding


Under 2s 2 years old 3&4 years old
Hourly Rate £5.75 £5.45 £5.25


Discounts & Add-ons

Under 2s 2 years old 3&4 years old
Full Day Discount
Monday – Friday (08:00 – 18:00)
£56.50 £53.50 £50.00
Morning Add-on
(07:00 – 08:00)
£5.75 £5.45 £5.25
Afternoon Add-on
(15:00 – 15:30)
£2.90 £2.75 £2.65

We offer a 5% discount for siblings at the setting. If this applies to your family, this will automatically be applied to your invoice. 


All 3-4 year olds are eligible to claim 15 hours per week of government Early Years funding from the term after their 3rd birthday. Some 3-4 year olds are eligible to claim 30 hours per week of funding based on set criteria. We offer funding during term time, for 38 weeks per year (see Term Dates).

We also offer stretched funding, for 47.5 weeks per year. This equates to 12 hours per week (for all 3-4 year olds) or 24 hours per week (for those eligible to claim 30 hours). There are set dates for Stretched Funding to be used – see below.

Seedlings is registered to accept Me2 Funding for 2 year olds and childcare vouchers from Employer Schemes. To find out more about all of these funding schemes, please visit:

Funded children: If your child attends Seedlings for funded hours and up to 5 hours per week of additional time (at the hourly rate), there is a £1.50 per day enrichment fee. This goes towards the cost of snacks. You are able to book your child in advance for a hot lunch at £2.50 per meal, or they can bring a healthy packed lunch.

Private paying children: If you pay for all of your child’s hours at Seedlings (no funding), or 5 or more hours on top of their funding, your child counts as private paying. You will not be charged extra for the enrichment fee or for a hot lunch. If you would prefer your child to bring a healthy packed lunch, then please let us know so we do not include them in numbers for a hot meal.

Stretched Funding

Government funding can be stretched across 47.5 weeks per year. If your child is eligible for 15 hours funding per week during term time, this can be stretched to 12 hours funding per week for 47.5 weeks. If your child is eligible for 30 hours funding per week during term time, this can be stretched to 24 hours funding per week for 47.5 weeks. Parents/carers wishing to access the stretched funding offer must agree to continue the stretched offer for the year up to the end of the financial year (31st March).

Stretched funding is NOT available on the following dates (for financial year 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024):

Summer Term (1st April 2023 to 31st August, 19.5 weeks funding) – no funding on 7th and 10th April, 1st, 8th, and 29th-31st May, 29th-31st August.
Autumn Term (1st September to 31st December, 16 weeks funding) – no funding on 1st September, 25th-29th December.
Spring Term (1st January 2024 to 31st March, 12 weeks funding) – no funding on 1st-2nd January, 27th-29th March.

Private fees will be charged for the dates we are open but not accepting Stretched Funding, if you would like your child to attend on those dates.

Invoices & Payments

Invoices are issued via the EyLog App on a monthly basis – you will be notified via email and via the App when your next invoice is ready.  As invoices are issued at the start of each month, you will be charged based on your child’s age at the beginning of each month. For example, if your child turns 2 in the middle of March, you will be charged the under 2s rate for March and the 2 year old rate from April.

Payment should be made by BACS or by card via the office please see Becky, Jord or Michelle.

Additional sessions booked during the month will be added to the following month’s invoice.

If you need to discuss your invoice at any time please ask to speak with Becky, our manager.  

Unfortunately missed sessions are non-transferable as our staff ratios are calculated on booked sessions.

Come and Visit Us

We welcome families to come and take a look around to see what we offer firsthand.